Emotions in Profusion

Will it all still matter years down the road?

Will it?

Nothing comforts more than knowing you’re there. But yet, I approach it with trepidation, caution, and a wounded heart. I know, I know what will come out of it. One way or the other. Struggling to grasp that beacon of hope. Keeps me sane, wanting. But yet, in the dark recesses of my mind, rational thought renders you to toxicity.  

What scares me the most is feeling this way. Oh i wished it won’t be with you.

You’re ecstasy. I hanker.

Yet, knowing its temporary existence, still undaunted.

My insides churn. You suck me into a dark, liberating and sophisticated world. You leave me constantly wanting. 

I’d play, I’d surrender, I’d help. In a heartbeat. Knowing, it’ll come to naught.

Oh i wish. There’ll be a place for me in your heart.

"It’s not just sex, its………making love."

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